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JOE-VERBALISA long time Revelstoke Resident is now in 2017 offering a locally owned and operated boutique Real Estate Brokerage alternative to accommodate your Real Estate Listing, Sales, and Purchasing needs. A Dual Citizen of both Canada and the United States, Joe grew up in Pennsylvania, where he attended The Pennsylvania State University to earn his Bachelor’s Degree in Speech Communication with a Minor in Film and Theatre. He then immediately went on to the University of Wisconsin at Madison to achieve his Master’s Degree in Communication Arts, followed by Doctoral Work at the University of Texas at Austin in Speech Communication, where he also taught Business and Professional Communication. He then moved forward to own and operate a successful Video and Film Production Company in the Austin, Texas Area for a period of 18 years, producing and creating two Award Winning films in the process along with a host of other productions.

For more than 30 years an active participant in the rapidly evolving Global Economic Environment, Joe invested in Revelstoke in 1999 and has carefully observed the dramatic changes which have occurred both locally and globally. Over the past seventeen years that he has been invested in Revelstoke, Joe has participated in and observed a dramatic and exciting evolution which he is happy to share with each client. Joe has been professionally involved in Revelstoke Area Real Estate for more than ten years, ultimately obtaining his Managing Broker’s License more than six years ago from the Real Estate Council of British Columbia. Joe offers both Buyers and Sellers an 'out of the box' local non-franchise alternative to purchase and sell property with Stoke Realty Limited, exploring a broad spectrum of viable alternatives to maximize investment potential, understanding and embracing the unique ethos that is exclusively Revelstoke's. He is always enthusiastic to share his insights and perspectives with each valued client, and is 100% ethically and professionally dedicated to serving the needs of his clients with great diligence.

Joe has been quite active in Revelstoke Community Initiatives as well, serving four consecutive terms on the Revelstoke Economic Development Commission, five consecutive terms on the Revelstoke Advisory Planning Commission, has also served on the City of Revelstoke Enhancement Committee, has participated regularly on the Planning and Builder’s Ad Hoc Advisory Committee; and was Chairman of the highly regarded City of Revelstoke Integrated Sustainability Plan Steering Commission, generating a blueprint for long term sustainability for the City that has been highly regarded and appreciated by the City of Revelstoke.

My Commitment to you as Owner and Managing Broker of Stoke Realty Limited is to share Knowledge, Expertise, and Carefully Conceived Perspectives on Real Estate Investment with uncompromised integrity and forthright communication every step of the way toward fulfilling the needs and goals of every individual Client.


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